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Crazy Wakeboarding Dubai Marina Harbour

Wake Boarding in Dubai with CrazyWake offers the best wakeboarding adventure on the waves. We don’t wait for the waves to come to us; we make it! We can assist you whether you are a beginner or an experienced Wakesurfer. CrazyWake in Dubai Marina is your one-stop solution for everything WakeBoarding, as your most trusted Australian Wakesurf Specialists.

Riders on a wakeboard strap their feet into boots attached to the board, similar to snowboarding. Wakeboarding is an exhilarating, dynamic, and stimulating sport. Fly at breakneck speeds across the water.

Riders can stay connected to the board while performing aerial tricks by strapping into a wakeboard. Wakeboarders can reach faster speeds and launch their boards over wakes to reach dizzying heights because they ride while holding onto a rope.

Easy Booking: Select at Your Convenience.

Convenient Parking, Don’t Worry About It.

Safety First: Professional Safety Equipment.

Stay Fresh: We Offer Fresh Water & Soft Drinks.

Amenities: Get a Clean Changing Room and Shower.

Flexible Payment: Pay Cash or Card We Accept Both.

Wakeboarding Dubai Behind Our Boat With An Austrian Experience

wake boarding in Dubai Marina by Crazy wake
wakeboarding dubai, wake surfing, wake boarding, wake boats,
wakeboarding dubai, wake surfing, wake boarding, wake boats,

VAT included in the Prices

Free Water & Soft Drinks

Boat with Full Equipment

Important Information:

  1. Please bring your (Passport, ID, or Driving License)
  2. You must follow the captain’s and the couch’s instructions.
  3. CrazyWake safety equipment must be worn.
  4. CrazyWake does not provide hotel transfers.
  5. You must arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

Not Suitable For:

  1. Wheelchair users are not permitted.
  2. People with back problems are also not suitable.
  3. Pregnant women are not permitted due to health concerns!
  4. Not suitable for individuals who are mobility impaired.
  5. People with heart problems should avoid this.